TonyBet Terms and Conditions in a Nutshell

The usage of the website is an explicit statement for TonyBet which says that a user has read T&C and complies with them.  These are the terms that regulate the relationship between a customer and the operator. T&C is an extensive topic that consists of Privacy Policy and other aspects.


Generally, TonyBet is for people who are older than 21 years old. Although, if the area where a person lives or country allows gambling from 18 and above, it is not against the rules to register. 

Responsibilities of a Player

  • It is a customer’s responsibility to act according to the regulations. Hence, keeping updated on the gambling age policy for those who are 18-20 is a mandatory behaviour for a user. 
  • A user has to supply the casino with correct data and they are in charge of updating any information that is used by the casino to provide services.
  • Credentials must not be disclosed to anyone. The TonyBet casino is not responsible for the harmful impact on a user’s account which resulted from sharing the login info.
  • Customers' intentions must not be entertainment-based only. Those who try to conduct unfair actions seeking profit will be banned.

A user’s registration request might be declined with no explanation. Besides, those who live in the same households might experience an inability to make an account for each member. 


To make a complaint, message . TonyBet tries to work on such matters speedily. Although, as they have to be dealt with properly, so up to 14 days are needed for it. 

Financial disputes are processed via too. The decision that the casino settles cannot be argued. 

Tax and Customs Board can be referred to if you disagree with the decisions that the casino made regarding your complaints.

The operator cannot be held responsible for disconnections that happen while a user is gambling. Bet’s result will be displayed at balance, but the casino cannot help you if your bet did not play. 

A user cannot complain about the negative results of the bets as this is based on the RNG principle. 

Bet placement is possible on the condition that a customer agrees with these rules. 

Actions That Lead to Additional Verification

  • Multiple accounts
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud activities
  • Usage of stolen bank accounts
  • Illegal actions

If TonyBet has a suspicion about any of the abovementioned actions, it is rightful to request additional verification to check it. Video conference is one of the procedures that might be used for verification.

Refusing to complete identity checks or provide requested data gives the casino the permission to decline the further usage of the account and block the funds on it.

Terms for Bonuses

Bonuses are given for accounts and they have rules on the number of times the bonus can be used, wagering requirement, and expiration date. 

If a bonus was received by fraud, it is removed immediately after the operator notices it. Any funds that have been received with the help of a bonus are frozen

Meeting the conditions only partially or not meeting at all leads to the bonus deduction.

Deposits and Withdrawals


Third-party deposits are not allowed and are promptly returned to the owners of credit cards without prior notice. The financial procedures must be completed from the credit cards that are assigned to the person who has a TonyBet account.

It is not allowed to transfer funds between the accounts of players.

Banks might charge fees for transactions.

Accounts with a general amount of deposits €/$ 2,000 and more are subjected to verification procedures.


An account must be reviewed with verification before a request is permitted. Requests for sending money back are processed non-stop and on average require up to 48 hours.

Accounts with a general amount of withdrawals €/$ 2,000 and more are subjected to verification procedures.