Privacy Policy TonyBet

This aspect of the casino is very transparent and it is its obligation to explain which customers’ information is obtained and how it is used.  

Your permission on getting access to private data is given upon registration. As signing up is the action that initiates a collateral legal relationship, it is only possible on the condition you agree with these terms. If one has not read the T&C and Privacy Policy it does not free the person from agreeing to process their data by signing up.

According to GDPR, the data regarding your account is erased on the condition you wish to withdraw your consent and lose access to your account. 

What Information is Gathered?

TonyBet keeps you informed about the data it process that is connected with you. It includes such information:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Contact email and phone
  • Payment methods

It also accumulates information connected with your account, such as:

  • Transaction history
  • Preferences applied at the website
  • Feedback

Information linked to the activity log is among the gathered ones:

  • IP address
  • Duration of sessions
  • Time and date of log in
  • Visited pages
  • Used browser 
  • Crash reports
  • Language preference

Activity information helps to evaluate gambling preferences and improve the game library and assortment of games in general.

Collection and Processing of Information 

Using Data for Help

The obtaining of information happens automatically. The other source of info that gets accumulated is the helping desk channels. What you share with the agents can be processed in order to assist you with some issues. For instance, if a player has a technical problem and shares the issue with the agent, the agent is able to disclose it with the third-party who is in charge of technical problems to help you. The Privacy Policy legislation is followed within this operation. 

Using Data for Better User Experience

Having processed your unique website fingerprints, TonyBet is able to present the best services and promos that will be appreciated by you. For instance, you might receive newsletters with unique promos. 

In the long-run, the services and the slots might be adjusted to fit the preferences of users. 

Information Disclosure

Your data might be disclosed to the companies that are not related to TonyBet in case you gave such permission. Another situation in which it is likely to happen is an attempt to conduct a dishonest action towards the casino. Provided TonyBet has a pretext to believe an account belongs to a swindler, they might share your info with regulatory gambling sites.

Accessing Data

A TonyBet gambler is rightful to request details on which information the casino stores about them. At the same time, one may enquire about the source that was used to obtain a piece of certain information. Moreover, you are able to make updates about your private data. 

In case, you need to fail a complaint about how your data is processed, you can do it by messaging the helping desk.


Most browsers do not block cookies, hence the navigation you adjust for yourself is kept saved. Your preferences are not lost unless you clear cookies or decline to use them. 

Cookies do not share data about your gadgets and do not transfer anything that is kept on your devices. They are mostly needed for a website to keep track of their traffic, analyze the customers, their preferences, and needs. Sharing cookies is not harmful to a device. Nevertheless, if you wish to prohibit the usage of cookies, you may manage it right in your browser. Types of cookies that are not required for site functioning will not be saved and thus will not be shared with TonyBet. Although, some functions will be disabled if cookies are not accepted. 

Keep in mind that there are various types of cookies like Flash or Session-based and analytical: they have different functions. For instance, declining Flash cookies results in the inability to choose language preference. 


For the protection of your data, the casino uses 128-bit encryption SSL. Firewalls are also part of the security measures. The same protection is ensured in subsidiaries and agencies that are a part of TonyBet.

Although, the casino warns you that you have to send the data carefully because while it is on the way to the casino, they are unable to protect it. Having granted it, it uses all the measures and tools to prohibit other parties from accessing it.

Money-Laundering Prohibition

Money laundering is thought to be international terrorism. Thus, accounts with illegal activities are momentarily blocked with all the funds they have. This process is irreversible. 

To avoid not legitimate operations, the TonyBet is allowed to keep track of the activities and request additional verification. 

Your identity, address, financial methods, sources of income, notarised copies of some documents etc. can be requested for verification.